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Race in the famous Monaco Grand Prix!

At the wheel of your high-performance red formula race car, you must face other oncoming racers as you navigate winding roads, narrow passageways and even narrower bridges, forks, construction zones, and icy patches of roads that can send you spiralling out of control if you're not careful! And watch out for the ambulance!

But your car has a secret! It is equipped with a jumping thruster which you can use to evade obstacles and jump over broken bridges! You also get advanced warnings of road hazards from road signs that appear at the top of the screen.

The longer you survive, the more points you earn!

While I was working on the Budget Series project in 2016 and 2017, I decided to add an 18th game to that series, namely Champion Pro Wrestling. This 18th game was kept a secret and was included in the shipping box as a surprise free gift for everyone who ordered 10 or more budget games. In order to release this 18th game as a fully complete-in-box item, I needed more of the custom styrofoam inserts which I had used for the other 17 budget games. The minimum order quantity required by the styrofoam company was rather high, but it got me thinking: Perhaps I could put all those extra inserts to good use.

I talked to Mystery Man about this, and I suggested that he could port 8 different SG-1000 games to the ColecoVision, and that these ports could be sold exclusively via the AtariAge Store, using the same kind of two-piece boxes that were used for the budget series. After reaching an agreement with Albert over at AtariAge, Mystery Man performed the ports.

However, after the ports were beta-tested by trusted collaborators, the project stayed mostly in limbo for the following two years, and after finishing the work on a batch of "standard" Team Pixelboy titles in 2019, I decided to revive the project by taking full control of it. After considering my options in terms of released quantities, I decided to add a ninth SG-1000 port to the lineup, namely Monaco GP. If all goes as planned, Monaco GP and the other 8 games of this special series (which I like to call the "Mystery Man Collection") will be released in 2020 in limited quantities (60 copies to be exact). No more copies will ever be produced after this.

LAST UPDATE: February 1st 2020

The SG-1000 port of this game was done by Mystery Man.

Software SG-1000 port is done and has entered the beta-testing phase.
Box Box templates are ready and will be sent to the printer company shortly.
Manual No work done so far.
Cartridge Casing The game will be offered in standard Coleco cartridge casings.
Cartridge Label No work done so far.
Completion Status 50%

Here is a YouTube video of the SG-1000 version of Monaco GP. The ColecoVision version will look, sound and play the same as what you see below.