Welcome to the official web site of the BasicVision project. BasicVision is a proposed BASIC-like programming language designed specifically to help with the creation of ColecoVision games.

For now, everything about this project is described in the text file available via the hyperlink below, and this web site will be properly designed once the project truly gets off the ground.

BasicVision preliminary design document - Version 1.1 - March 15th 2010

Here are the BasicVision source files for a game of Sudoku which I had originally coded in C language. Looking at it will give you an idea of how to code software with BasicVision. - Sudoku main game source file - Version 1.0 - March 15th 2010 - Sudoku graphic data source file - Version 1.0 - March 15th 2010

You can send your comments at pixelboy{no_spam}@teampixelboy{no_spam}.com (remove the anti-spam tags or else it won't work) or better yet, you can participate to the public discussion about this project on the AtariAge forums by following this hyperlink:

BasicVision project discussion thread on the AtariAge forums

Thanks for looking! :-)